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Knee Injury, Knee Bracing and Rehabilitation Course

Knee Injury, Knee Bracing and Rehabilitation Course
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"Knee Injury, Knee Bracing and Rehabilitation: course covers Knee Anatomy, Knee Injury, Knee Bracing and Knee Rehabilitation! This course includes text, quizzes, final exam and letter of completion. Once purchased, class will be emailed! A.B.C. approved for 2.50 (S) CAT 1 ce hours and B.O.C. approved for 4.0 (S) Category 1 ce hours!

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    Description includes 14 Courses:“Administrative Scheduling Procedures Prior to a Fitting”; “Ankle and Foot Measurements and Bracing”; “Applying an Orthotic Girdle for the Treatment of Sciatic Pain”; “Bracing the Wrist and Rehabilitation”; “Fitting the Athletic Foot”; “Flatfoot Course”; “Knee Injury, Knee Bracing and Rehabilitation”; “Low Back”; “Lower Extremity Injury Occurring in Athletes”; “LSOs and Measurements”; “Measurements & TLSO’s”; “Orthotics on Wheels”, "Arm Course", "Hip Injury and Pain". Once purchased, courses emailed and valid for 1 year. 51.25 BOC ce hrs, 31.25 ABC ce hours. All ce hours will be reported to ABC and BOC. Courses are for Orthotic/ Prosthetic Practitioners, Physical Therapists, PTA's and Aquatic Therapists.

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